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Types of Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is often misunderstood as a straightforward process. The truth is that fabrication can refer to a wide range... Read more ›

Does US Policy Facilitate Sustainability in Manufacturing? An Analysis.

The environment, climate change, and sustainability have increasingly become pressing matters within commerce. Manufacturers – especially small and mid-size manufacturers... Read more ›

Success with the Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership (OMEP)

The following is an article written by the team at the Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership (OMEP) highlighting our recent work... Read more ›

When to Use Graining on Stainless Steel

Graining is the process of putting a surface texture on metal, ideal for use in many places around the home... Read more ›

Key Factors in Choosing the Right Metal for Your Project

The metal processing industry uses a variety of materials and processes to create reliable, high-performance products for various applications. But... Read more ›

What Is Shearing In Metal Fabrication?

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ve probably come to realize that metal fabrication is a highly intricate... Read more ›

What Is Graining in Metal Fabrication?

If you’ve done any kind of home improvement project or worked closely with wood in any capacity, you’ve surely heard... Read more ›

The Difference Between Metal Punching and Shearing in Metal Fabrication

  In any kind of metal fabrication, there is a multitude of different ways to achieve the desired outcome.  Understanding... Read more ›

Manufacturing Events, Funding & Resources for May

Good Morning Oregon Manufacturers & Friends! I hope you’re all doing wonderful. I for one am really enjoying the Spring... Read more ›

The Difference Between Welding & Metal Fabrication

When people talk about working with metal, the terms welding and fabricating are often used interchangeably.  Even more, the occupations... Read more ›

Silk-Screening: Understand the Process in Metal Fabrication

Understand the Silk-Screening Process in Metal Fabrication   Most people have probably heard of silk-screening.  However, the term remains vague... Read more ›

How Can Manufacturing Achieve Sustainability? A Policy & Resource Analysis

By: Aimee Sukol, JD/MA/MS Ed. Communication & Policy Specialist Introduction As manufacturers, Meta Fab strives to understand how trends, policies,... Read more ›

Meta Fab wins 2020 Makers & Manufacturers: Family-Owned Manufacturer of the Year from Portland Business Journal

While the year 2020 will go down in the history books as a year full of struggles and uncertainty we... Read more ›

Metal Fabrication Processes: Understanding the Different Types

In what can be called the Modern Industrial Age, there’s metal all around us.  To list the litany of ways... Read more ›

What Workforce Development Means to Local Economies and the Environment

Meta Fab knows the charge to “bring back manufacturing” is easier said than done.  The biggest challenge facing US manufacturers... Read more ›

It’s Not a Skills Gap: Developing Work Culture in Manufacturing

Introduction: US manufacturers have identified a limited labor supply as a key challenge over the past decade. In response, local... Read more ›

Advantages of Powder Coating in Metal Fabrication

Chances are you’ve probably heard of powder coating as it pertains to metal fabrication.  And with good reason, it’s become... Read more ›

Manufacturing & the Next Generation Workforce: How Adapting to New Norms Is A Recruitment/Retention Tool

By: Aimee Sukol, JD/MA/MS Ed Introduction:           Manufacturing works with heavy machinery around a strict clock... Read more ›

Best Uses for Aluminum in Metal Fabrication

  When you think of aluminum, the first thing that likely comes to mind is the aluminum cans you save... Read more ›

Excellent Career Opportunities Exist in Overlooked Sheet Metal Fabrication

The rise of the Maker There is an urge inside all of us to create, to do.   This urge is... Read more ›

Best Uses for Stainless Steel in Sheet Metal Fabrication

  If there’s a metal more commonly used than stainless steel in metal fabrication, we haven’t heard of it.  And... Read more ›

The Road to Growth in Manufacturing

By: Aimee Sukol, JD/MA/MS Ed. Manufacturing is a metric for the US economy’s stability Commerce and modern civilization cannot exist... Read more ›

Electronics Manufacturers Association of Oregon: EMA Oregon

Author: Laura Zager, Ph.D Patent Attorney, EMA Board Member/EMA Mentor The Oregon Electronics Manufacturers Association (EMA) has been serving the... Read more ›

Five Reasons to Use Bronze in Metal Fabrication

  When you think of metal fabrication, steel and aluminum are the metals that come to mind first. Steel and... Read more ›


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