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Best Uses for Stainless Steel in Sheet Metal Fabrication

  If there’s a metal more commonly used than stainless steel in metal fabrication, we haven’t heard of it.  And... Read more ›

The Road to Growth in Manufacturing

By: Aimee Sukol, JD/MA/MS Ed. Manufacturing is a metric for the US economy’s stability Commerce and modern civilization cannot exist... Read more ›

Electronics Manufacturers Association of Oregon: EMA Oregon

Author: Laura Zager, Ph.D Patent Attorney, EMA Board Member/EMA Mentor The Oregon Electronics Manufacturers Association (EMA) has been serving the... Read more ›

Five Reasons to Use Bronze in Metal Fabrication

  When you think of metal fabrication, steel and aluminum are the metals that come to mind first. Steel and... Read more ›

Anodizing vs. Chromating – Metal Fabrication Finishes

  If you are a regular reader of our blogs, it has probably become apparent the metal fabrication is an... Read more ›

Resources Available for Oregon Manufacturers

Author: Jasmine Agnor – Senior Marketing and Events Manager, OMEP Guest Blogger As Oregon manufacturers grapple with the effects of... Read more ›

To Innovate Is To Unlock New Value

When it comes to manufacturing high precision fabricated metal parts for production or functional prototypes, it is extremely important that... Read more ›

Standard Tolerances in Precision Sheet Metal

You spent thousands on a new precision sheet metal machine and researched the best machine for your needs. However, there... Read more ›

Understanding Bend Deductions

INTRODUCTION Sheet metal fabrication, and specifically, precision sheet metal fabrication is an excellent way to create and built robust products... Read more ›

Value of Branding for Manufacturers

By: Aimee Sukol, JD/MA/MS Ed. Published on: 5/22/2020   Introduction: The manufacturing supply chain has changed dramatically over the past... Read more ›

Lean Purchasing for Manufacturers

Author: Roger Jensen Published Date: January 10, 2017 Lean Manufacturing = Eliminating Waste For several decades, manufacturers have been pursuing lean... Read more ›

Introduction to Sheet Metal Fabrication

Do you need prototypes and fully assembled sheet metal components fast? Sheet metal fabrication has the capacity to create rapid... Read more ›

Common Types of Sheet Metal

Author: Tony Varela There are many different metals and alloys that come in sheet form and are ultimately used in... Read more ›

Common Sheet Metal Fabrication Techniques

Author: Tony Varela   By definition, sheet metal starts out flat, but before this, it comes from large cast ingot... Read more ›

COVID-19: How Crises Shape Innovation through Manufacturing Resiliency & Adaptability

By: Aimee Sukol, JD/MA/MS Ed.   Introduction COVID-19 presents an issue that we haven’t grappled with since WWII, which is... Read more ›

Aluminum Versus Steel

Both aluminum and steel are widely used for a variety of metal products and projects. Each material has a distinct... Read more ›

COVID-19 Response

Dear Meta Fab Customers and Friends: I want to start by wishing you all well during this uncertain time.  This... Read more ›

Guide to Material Thickness – Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper, & Brass

What are sheet metal gauges? Gauges are used to measure the material thickness of a sheet of metal.  These units... Read more ›

USMCA – What Is It Anyway?

USMCA – Aimee Sukol, Feb 2020 “What is the USMCA and How Does it Impact Manufacturers?” Introduction The USMCA (United... Read more ›

5 Factors For Choosing Sheet Metal Fabrication

­Written By: Tony Varela Introduction: One of the most adaptable building materials in the manufacturing industry, sheet metal has rightfully... Read more ›

Bringing On A New Sheet Metal Fabricator

January 2020 By Tony Varela Introduction: If you are looking to develop and manufacture a new product, it is critical... Read more ›

3 Easy Steps to Reach Your Goals in the New Year

Written by: Tony Varela According to the U.S. News, 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the second week of... Read more ›

Business Expansion: The Marathon and the Tree – 2 of 2

January 2020 Article By Aimee Sukol, JD/MA/MS Ed. Starting and running a business is a massive endeavor that frequently fails... Read more ›

Business Expansion: Best Time to Plant an Oak Tree – 1 of 2

December 2019 Article By Tony Varela   Introduction: It all started with a vision.   Most people involved first heard about... Read more ›


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